Centro Histórico, Ciudad de México, por Alison Gould Historical Downtown, Mexico City, by NEH Scholar Alison Gould

NEH Mexico City
2011 Summer Institute for School Teachers

Dialogues in the Americas:
Mexican Literature and Culture in Context

This NEH Institute was held at La Salle University in Mexico City and nearby locations

July 3rd to July 31st, 2011

This NEH Summer Institute, in collaboration with CSU, East Bay and La Salle University, seeks to contribute to the professional development of teachers by strengthening their knowledge—through the humanities—of significant topics and issues linked to Mexican literature and culture. The Institute seeks to promote multicultural understanding in U.S. classrooms through the integration of Mexican cultural materials into the curriculum. The richness of Mexican culture, appealing to a wide variety of learners, can be used as a tool for initiating dialogues that will encourage in-depth discussion of humanities questions in local, American, and global settings.

Mexico has a rich literary and cultural heritage from pre-Hispanic to contemporary times. Mexican literature is one of the most influential and diverse literatures of the Spanish-speaking world. Its relationship to other art manifestations—painting, architecture, sculpture—and to Mexico’s historical past is intimate, constant. In our readings, we will approach Mexican art, history, and culture through literature in a chronological manner: pre-Hispanic Mexico, Viceregal Mexico, Independent Mexico, and Contemporary Mexico. Through this Institute we will focus on some of the most significant and original contributions to Mexican literature and culture. This NEH Institute will further enhance the humanities experience through visits to archeological sites, extraordinary museums, neighborhoods, and historical places fully addressed within the selected readings required for this NEH Summer Institute. 

Selected NEH Summer Scholars (twenty-two middle and high school teachers and three graduate students seeking K-12 teaching careers) will receive a $3,300 stipend for expenses associated with this Institute. Applicants must be fluent in Spanish.

Please see a detailed description by clicking on the link to the Dear Colleague Letter from the Institute’s Director, Dr. L. Iliana Holbrook 

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Chac-Mool: zona arqueológica del Templo Mayor, Ciudad de México, por Katie Bordner / Chac-Mool: Archeological Zone of the Templo Mayor, Mexico City, by NEH Scholar Katie Bordner

Vista desde la zona arqueológica del Templo Mayor hacia los edificios del Centro Histórico, Ciudad de México, por Alison Gould / View from the archeological zone of the Templo Mayor toward the buildings in Historical Downtown, Mexico City, by NEH Scholar Alison Gould

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