Serpiente bicéfala, detalle de la diosa azteca Coatlicue, Museo Nacional de Antropologia e Historia
Two headed serpent, detail of the Godess Coatlicue, National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City
Photo by NEH Faculty Lettie Ramírez

2011 Institute Reviews

Sala azteca, Museo Nacional de Antropología, Ciudad de México
Aztec Room, National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

Excerpts from Anonymous Evaluations Submitted by NEH Scholars

"This summer program was the most intense professional development program that I have ever participated in, but it is also the one that I have gained the most from. It has had a positive impact on my teaching in many ways ... I feel that I am a much better teacher and professional as a result of this program."

"The faculty was superb. The director of the program delivered exquisite lectures that were the support during our immersion in the Mexican context. The director also had excellent criteria in selecting the topics for the seminar as well as all the people and institutions that facilitated greatly our experience."

"The experience was absolutely amazing! I learned so much about Mexico that I had no idea about and have developed some great lesson plans for the future."

"All the organization, all the aspects of the program, the director, and the professor did such a great job to make this experience unforgettable. All the professional growth that I have acquired from this institute, with no doubt, will be remarkable in my teaching and educational career."

"It was a very enriching experience, not only from the cultural and academic point of view, but also from the technology aspect. I learned a lot on new ways of reaching the nowadays digital natives with a very solid background on the Mexican literature and culture. Sharing life and experiences in a close caring/highly intellectual environment is something that changes your vision about Mexican traits and the way you share that with your students. Excellent!"

"Director: Besides having a very solid background on the institute topics, she planned a very structured institute. Everything was into context, even the cultural "events." I learned a lot...It was almost incredible to be involved in a sort of conversation with people of such background."

"The director, Illiana Holbrook, has been the very best director that I have ever had the honor of working with. She accomplishes what she says that she will...she invited outstanding speakers, experts in their fields, to share with us their voices, experiences and perspectives...It couldn't possibly have been better planned and organized...The teachers that participated in the program came to class well-prepared and had many interesting insights and perspectives that added greatly to our discussions. Everyone that participated in the program did their very best to ensure that we had an outstanding experience in Mexico City this summer. It was the best institute I have ever been a part of. It was a tremendous privilege and honor for me."

"La Salle university was extremely hospitable. The library, campus space, classroom facilities and computer labs were convenient and useful. I also appreciated the coordination efforts of Marguerite and her team. They made day to day logistics flow and provided all around reliable resource for local information."

"It was amazing to study Mexican literature and culture while immersing ourselves in it. This summer I definitely learned a lot about the history of México, its people and customs. This will enable me to understand my students first and foremost. Also, I anticipate using many of the curriculum units in my classroom this year and in the future."

"The organization was great, we always knew what was expected of us and what we were doing. Dr. Holbrook and Dr. Ramirez were great leaders and instructors in literature/pedagogy, and our licenciado gave us tremendous historical background and context during our museum trips and other excursions. The activities definitely complimented the reading and discussions, were an integral part to the learning environment, and were extremely fun and interesting."

"Because this institute was so very well organized and planned, I know that I have benefitted tremendously both personally and professionally from the experience. The opportunity to spend day after day with the director, who had vast knowledge to share with us brought to mind what it is like for our students. What I have learned I intend to bring it into the classroom in many forms. I will bring many lessons of history and culture that were prepared by the group and have been shared on the group website, as well as a renewed enthusiasm that I hope to transmit to my students daily. I will work tirelessly to ensure that I provide my students with the opportunity to live and love the language and culture as we were allowed to do during the month of July."

"This program was extremely well thought out and organized. More than anything, the selection process for accepting teachers was excellent. The blend of personalities and experience in our group was a stellar combination...Simply by being with such a great group, I felt inspired to bring lessons back to the classroom."

"The host institution was FABULOUS. I have nothing but excellent things to say about their hospitality, willingness to help with whatever was needed, and friendliness. The facilities were top-notch."

**Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this program do not necessarily reflect those of the National Endowment for the Humanities**